wishing you all the happiest holiday season & see you in the new year
w&p gift guide || for the trail guide
for the person on your list who's been talking about buying a cabin for 2 years...

complete with a buddy cup
1. tartan thermos

campfire safe and ready for dinner

light a fire to get cooking

we've got teddy to thank for this one
make it impossible to lose your way
5. explorer compass watch

tested and true in red, white, & blue
w&p gift guide || for the lover of today
indulgences for the person who lives in the moment...

straight from our hometown
1. death's door gin

bourbon-barrel-aged scotch
 2. age of discovery

one of the best nights we've had in new york was at speakeasy dollhouse,
and we absolutely cannot recommend it enough

if you're feeling lucky
4. wooden poker chest

a little more wisco love - the best summer sausage and aged cheddar
5. brennan's meat & cheese basket

for the sweet tooth
6. mast brothers chocolate

w&p gift guide || for the lover of tomorrow
inspirations for the person who dreams of tomorrow...

for the barre
7. ballet slippers

for making future plans
 8. sugar paper planners

todd snyder (an isu alum) + champion
10. sweats

wood & leather jumprope
11. title boxing rope

12. twig

detoxifying wash
13. port products