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Happy October

Just can't get enough of this image from my kate spade planner. What a cute costume idea...

One Kings Lane

for him... RayBan Clubmasters

for her... Chanel 5131H

Camping Essentials

After recently taking a week-long camping trip with friends, there were a few items we came to realize as camping essentials and we were so happy to have brought along.

As lovely as a nighttime campfire can be, it leaves a terribly smoky aroma to anything worn while enjoying. Likewise, a nice dip in the water can leave damp bathing suits and towels to smell musty.  Having a clothesline and fabric spray made keeping our clothing fresh and clean a breeze!

Old Taylor Grocery in Oxford, Mississippi

Nestled in the outskirts of Oxford, this restaurant is the ultimate in laid back southern authenticity. Fried catfish and hushpuppies. Mason jars. Unpayed and unscheduled musicians that just show up to play. A wooden front porch (likely as old as the building itself - previously home to a 19th century general store) and a front door held open by an old whiskey jug. BYOB. A slogan of "eat or we both starve." Need we say more?

Oxford, Mississippi

We took a one-night trip during our vacation to stay in Oxford, home of Ole Miss. The small town is so full of charm, with a traditional old town square packed with restaurants and shops.  Two shops stood out in particular - Hinton and Hinton, a specialty boutique with a southern gentleman flare (think bowties with cotton boll prints), and Neilson's Department Store, a nod to the past, as it dates back to 1839.