a personal style study: hers

when it comes to shopping - fall shopping in particular - i've become more and more calculated about my purchases. blame it on small manhattan closets or law school budgets, but i'm glad for it. each season i find myself wanting to minimize the extra stuff in my closet and edit it down to my essentials. i feel like i've honed my style in the last few years, evidenced by my pulling favorite pieces out season after season and still finding them relevant and flattering - easily mixed into my wardrobe. so i decided to step back and pinpoint my style elements for successfully strategizing this fall's purchases.

i am decidedly one part retro, one part preppy, and one part classic.

retro: i love a good cateye. and a high pony. and long leather gloves.
i like to add touches of retro glamour to my outfits for a personal spin. most people i know don't rock a full skirt and belted waist almost every day, and i like being unique in that way. but it can be small things, too. a bateau neck. leopard. skinny pants and a trapeze top.

preppy: try to keep me from popping my white oxford collar. i just can't help it.
classic prep is such an american (and truth be told, japanese) thing, and for good reason. the whole concept behind it makes sense - investing in good quality, timeless pieces and then wearing them until they're threadbare because you love them so much.
monogrammed cashmere, blackwatch blazers, aran sweaters, stripes, tortoise, headbands, bows... i could go on and on.

classic: to look back on a photo from 10, 25, 50 years ago and still think your look was great- i consider this to be the ultimate achievement. having enough style to keep your look fresh and current without becoming a slave to trends. identifying and adding elements of the zeitgeist to your look gracefully. black and white are always in fashion. clean and polished never goes out of style. and trench coats are forever. 

up next: a shopping list

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todd snyder x champion

we're so glad to have happened upon the 
collaboration of  todd snyder (a fellow iowa state grad) and champion.
the attention to detail and vintage aesthetic is incredible;
a great way to upgrade your active wardrobe.


inspiration from the champion archives

monmouth beach bath and tennis club . monmouth beach, nj

cheers to good friends and generous families.

we wait all summer for this music festival at the fort.
the crowds are chill, the setting is something close to paradise,
and the musicians always put on such a good show.

below, our guide to navigating the specifics of this unique weekend.