the vanity: hers

welcome to "the greens," our humble upper west side apartment.

in our pretty well-balanced co-ed living space, we each relish the spaces 
we can have to ourselves - the vanity and the closet.

here - a look at how we do ours and some of our favorite items that live here.

 grandma's alligator bag, our wedding photo, and a vintage cosmetic case found on holiday
 jo malone . chanel . philosophy
 a vintage ashtray from mom & dad, a bow ring from my best, pearls from my man
 rene gruau . kate spade . c wonder . j crew
 elle macpherson . aerie

a personal style study: his

 When Kelsey asked me to write a style profile I immediately curled up into a ball in the corner and started to shake thinking about the inevitable ridicule I would receive after our friends read this post.  After some thought, and maybe a bit of liquid courage, however, I came to the realization that such low hanging fruit would only provide temporary entertainment, especially considering the wit with which their insults are usually laced (a little gentle flattery to avoid the unwanted consequences of this post). 

 Like Kelsey, I have become more calculated, have taken inspiration from past trends, and have attempted to pinpoint why I put these clothes on my back. My elements include rugged, preppy, and classic.

 Rugged: Shit Kickers. I am a huge fan of Wolverine boots. Blame it on being from Wisconsin, spending three summers as a general laborer, or just liking the outdoors, I would wear boots every day if the weather allowed. Flannel/Chambray. Similarly, if I lived in a state that didn’t become so hot people actually consider swimming in the weird public swimming pool in Central Park, I would live in a rugged button down with the occasional beat up t-shirt (holes and fading preferred). Denim/Alpha Khakis. Even with the heat I rarely wear shorts, and would prefer to wear them less. Instead, I sweat it out in thick denim, or, as self-articulated, alpha khakis - where denim ends and khaki begins.  Randolph Engineering Aviators. Just check them out. Randolph kills it and these are the best of what they offer.

 Preppy: Boaters. When I am forced to wear shorts, or when I roll up my Alpha Khakis and pretend that the roll is actually cooler than a full pant, I am rarely in anything other than boaters.  They are easy, they are comfortable, and in a state of disrepair they add character. Gingham. Though this has become quite a trend, I refuse to move away from it.  I don’t care how many Midwest men put a gingham shirt under a dark suit with a plain skinny tie and call themselves fashionable, gingham is good. (I am from a fly-over, so it’s nothing more than self deprecation.) Hoodless Sweatshirt.  Once fall comes about, my sweatshirts move into weekly rotation. York Street from J. Press does a stellar version, as well as J. Crew.  

 Classic: Suits. Blue, Grey, Tan, Pinstripe. Though I would prefer to live in jeans or Alphas, that’s not really kosher in a legal office. Instead, the uniform is a suit, button down, and tie. The suit is usually Calvin Klein Collection, the shirt, anything in my closet including chambray/flannel/gingham, and the tie is thin, wool or silk, and usually subdued. Cap Toe Shoes. The majority of my dress shoes are cap toe. They are the most classic dress shoe, are comfortable as shit, and work just as well at a summer wedding as they do in an office. Beat-up Briefcase. Probably because the uniform has such a clean and polished feel, I appreciate the opposite in my briefcase. Call it character or holding on to things too long, I value a quality leather briefcase that looks like it has been around the block and is still as solid as it was when purchased. 

up next: clothing

back to school

inspired by the recent cooler temps, warby parker's fall collectionj crew's august 2007 catalog, 
and the soho restaurant, public, we're ready to go back to school.
at least in wardrobe and supplies.

happy labor day.
to close out the unofficial last summer weekend,
we put together a list of some of our favorite shows we saw this summer in
newport and san francisco. join us on spotify to enjoy.