merry christmas 2013!

w&p gift guide #3:

the stockings are hung, the eggnog is drunk...
or is it us? time to buy gifts.
up first: the outdoorsman

and a little something to listen to while you're shopping: what will happen to santa claus . the giving tree band

to raise your spirits...

a month of whiskey

 or if gin's more your speed

wes anderson + prada

a short something for addicts of wes anderson's colorful imagery and dry humor:

hiking breakneck ridge in the hudson highlands

heading out early saturday morning for a little fresh air and an escape from the city.

the langham hotel . hong kong

during my recent work trip, i had the pleasure of spending a night at the exquisite langham hotel in hong kong. i found this 5 star abode to be absolutely breathtaking - dramatic, yes - but i really appreciated the attention and pride that was evident in every detail. old world charm, luxurious accomodations, and a sophisticated palette of crisp black, cream, and pink. i'm a bit smitten.

en route

shane's roadtripping from the heartland to the gulf coast, and i'm hopping on a 16 hour flight to hong kong, so please excuse our radio silence for a bit!

old favorites . new albums

listen to both new albums on whiskey & pearls' spotify

the closet: his
a study in engineering: making the most of manhattan spaces

i think shane's space solution here is pretty brilliant. he took a few square feet of virtually useless space in our apartment, threw a garment rack up there, and turned our high-ceilinged stairwell into his closet.